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Original Artwork For Sale Art Shop NYC

Original Artwork for Sale NYC

Check our Art Museum NYC Art Shop

 Find Your Original and Limited Edition Artwork Here!

Our artwork comes directly from the artist and is shipped to you, or you can pick it up in New York City at our Broadway and Park Avenue Location, By appointment of course.

Here at our Art Museum NYC Art Shop, we try to support artists by bringing their art to you.  We charge 10% to the buyer for sales tax and financial processing.  We then make a small gallery commission from the sale of the art itself.

In the age of technology, we use science to preserve the natural.  Here, transactions are paperless, receipts will be emailed, and packages will be shipped using recycled materials.

We accept Pay Pal, Direct Payment, Chase Paymentech, AMEX, MC, VISA, and Discover for smaller purchases under $10,000.00 USD.  All sales above $10,000.00 USD are subject to confirmation and bank to bank wire transfer can be arranged free of charge.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL, so Please choose your works of art carefully.  Enjoy life and share art!  Thank you for your business and referrals.

For original works of art, preview can be pre arranged by making a reservation.

(347) SHO ARTS / (347) 746-2787

Wanderlust New York City


Wanderlust Art Museum NYC

Sponsored by: Centaur Properties

Wanderlust Art Museum NYCPeterRuprechtArtemMirolevich

Where:  72 Wooster St

When: WAN*DER*LUST will be open from April 26 – May 15

The VIP opening and week long opening after parties were filled with evenings of inspiration, magic, jewelry, art, live exciting musical performances, top shelf complimentary drinks, fashion models, original music, charity, auctions and everything else that makes life in Manhattan fun!
The nights were unforgettable and the after-party at Provocateur was everything we all hoped it would be!
There are only a few days left of art left so today is your opportunity to visit before May 15th!!
Be sure and visit with Artem Mirolevich and Peter Ruprecht if they are at the Wanderlust Art Museum NYC.
  • Special thanks from Manhattan Musicians for the entertainment by: Lady Circus and
  • Music by: DJ Vanjee and Nadav Vee


  • Jody Levy
  • Yarrow Mazzaetti
  • Artem Mirolevich
  • Reka Nyari
  • Peter Ruprecht
  • Dara Young


  • AEA
  • Aviva collective
  • Castro Jewelry
  • Cestsla Jewelry
  • Jade Chiu
  • Louise Manna Jewelry
  • Yvette Neuman
  • Shiang New York
  • Sienna Ray
  • Skins and Stones

WAN*DER*LUST is from the inspirational surprise of a journey taken at any moment.  The art inspires viewers with a constant flow and transformation.  Time, energy, mass, space, relative factors equalizing homeostatic variability.  Paper, photography, canvas, sculpture, oil and furniture express the human craving for discovery.  Experience Wanderlust Art Museum NYC for yourself!

"Elephant" Limited Edition artist print, by Artem Mirolevich