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International Artists make New York City

Art Capital of the world

Manhattan may be considered the world’s new capital of art.  Before New York earth had Paris.  Before France there was Spain and Italy.  Before Rome, Venice, Milano and Florence there was Athens, Cyprus, Olympus and the Greeks.  Art lovers should all know the hieroglyphs of The Great Pyramids in the Valley of the Kings and the story of Mesopotamia.  The origin of man/woman may be through Asia, Africa, Australia and into the root of pre historic art.  Human art history includes international influences.  New York City represents cultures from around the world.  Because of the strength in combined flavor, we include international art in our events.

Here in Manhattan, we have the Italians, Greeks, Spanish, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Asian, Samoan, African and possibly every nationality due to the presence of trade and The United Nations Foundation.  At Art Gallery NYC we focus on international art expositions as our nexus of inflection.

We believe New York City never sleeps, in part, because of the creativity which results from multicultural influences.  Art can evolve in an isolated culture or result as a product of multicultural interaction.  Here you can be yourself.  Here in our art gallery you can join the art movement and free your brush.  Here in New York City Art Museum our artistic freedom rules.

What are the guidelines for art?  Perhaps the same guidelines for food.  Some art is fat for the eyes.  Other art makes us look inside and wonder what was ingested.  We honor communication as the measure for our art appreciation.  How do you rule?

Thank you for enjoying art here at Art Museum NYC

If you are an art collector: we sell original international works of art privately and through Manhattan Art Auctions.  Please stay tuned through twitter or email updates as we will eventually allow approved artists to offer their work at face value and possibly at discounted rates for return buyers.  Click here to open negations and contact our friendly sales department.

If you are an artist: if you have representation, please have your exclusive representative contact us and we will make arrangements.  If you are an artist without managed representation you may contact us if you have over 20 public documented expos as a showing artist.  Dial (347)SHO-ARTS and we can enroll you online at our New York City Art Museum.

If you are a museum or gallery owner: and would like to promote your NYC art space please contact us here.  We regularly promote spaces for the purposes of art and charity.

If you are an art lover: and would like VIP Information about New York Art Galleries, Art Fairs, Art Art Expos, Art Press Parties, Fashion Week Events, underground performance art and black tie gala art fundraisers, click to sign up on our mailing list and join the fun.

Art Museum NYC

Enjoy the art in your life and free your brush!

NYC Art Museum

International Art on Display and Original Artwork for Sale at:

New York City Art Museum

Here at New York City Art Museum we show a variety of artists from around the world.  You may have heard of Picasso, Matisse, Kline, Pollock and more however, have you heard of Oliveira, Zagger, Sonnenblick, or Bono?  Maybe, or maybe not.

New and emerging artists run rampant over New York.  Everywhere NY artists try to create and live, but the five boroughs are tough, so we try to support artists, as long as they have paid their dues.  Every artist you see here on our website has been in over 20 live public shows in galleries and or museums.

They may not be as well known as various household names yet, but if people love their art, one day they too could be world wide art super stars.  So here we give them their time on the wall.

For an emerging artist, who hasn’t sold many pieces, they must either gain reputable representation, or continue to juggle the responsibilities of promotion, creation, transportation, shipping, events, sales and so on.  Because of the Internet age, we can now give artists a place online to show others their talent.  With technology and time art will become more accessible to the masses.  We embrace the journey and invite you to come along.

There is no limit on creativity here at New York City Art Museum.  We enjoy and support many forms of live performing art as part of the artistic culture sacred to mankind (and woman kind).  We thank you for visiting our website, galleries, and Art Museum NYC.

Please share the information you’ve found here so others can find information about our venues and artists.  If you have questions or comments please contact us here.

Thank you for creating green art, and for letting your brush free!  We appreciate your patronage of the NYC Art Museum.

Sincerely Yours,

Art Museum NYC Management